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Each year COPE produces a minimum of 1-3 conferences. U.S. Regional Conferences are held on the even numbered years, while the International Conference is held on the odd numbered year. Locations are chosen based on two factors. First, the Board considers Regional invitations received from our Membership communities desiring to serve as site hosts, providing a wide variety of support. Second, the site location may not be visited for two seasons in a row. Both COPE members and the Board of Directors are welcome to attend our International affiliates Regional Conferences in support of their growing work under the COPE umbrella.

Fall Fellowship Cruise

Western Caribbean - Cozumel & Yucatan

November 13-18, 2017  ~  Galveston, TX
‚Äč$125 Registration Deposit required to hold your cabin
Nov. 13th Galveston - 4pm - COPE on Board Reception
Nov. 14th Fun Day at Sea
Nov. 15th Cozumel
Nov. 16th Progresso, Yucatan
Nov. 17th Fun Day at Sea - COPE on Board Reception
Nov. 18th Galveston (8am)
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2016 Conferences

COPE East Central Regional Conference
August 24-27, 2016  ~  Underwood, IN
COPE South Central Regional Conference
March 31 - April 2, 2016  ~  Waco, TX

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